Pro - 303

Organoid-based Blood Glucose Control In Kidney
Transplant Recipients With Type 1 Diabetes

Type-1 diabetes (T1D) both leads to and worsens outcomes for kidney transplants

  • Diabetes is leading cause of kidney disease in the US. 1 of 3 on the kidney transplant waiting list has diabetic end-stage renal disease
  • Type-1 diabetics see the worst outcomes post-transplant, with survival dropping to half that of non-diabetics in 15 years

PRO-303 would offer an ideal solution for the ~ 60K T1D patients living post-kidney transplant

  • Kidney transplant recipients are already treated with chronic immunosuppressives
  • That treatment would also prevent rejection of donor islets used with R-VECs
  • •PRO-303, injected subcutaneously, would provide long-lasting blood glucose control to preserve donor kidney function and avoid T1D-related complications
R-VECs + donor islets have demonstrated tight & sustained blood glucose control in a hyperglycemic mouse model, with validation in a pig model planned.

FDA feedback has been incorporated into the preclinical plan, potentially enabling IND submission within two years