About The Company:

Proterris is a P2 clinical-stage firm that has pooled a dominant IP position in therapeutic uses of inhaled and small-molecule carbon monoxide. This IP position has been supported by almost 50 preclinical studies and nearly dozen clinical trials, including those supported with ~$23 million in NIH funding to date. The therapeutic indications addressable by both inhaled CO (iCO) and CO-releasing molecules (CORMs) cover a wide range of fibrotic, transplantation, other ischemia-reperfusion injury and anti-inflammatory disorders. Proterris has prioritized CO development in delayed graft function (DGF), acute liver failure, and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), with significant opportunities in a number of other indications, including but not limited to acute kidney injury (AKI), renal fibrosis, and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).

Proterris was co-founded by Apeiron Partners, LLC, a pair of world-renowned academic researchers in CO, and 12th Man Technologies, Inc.  In 2017 Proterris merged with Alfama, Inc., a Boston-based company founded in Portugal to develop novel carbon monoxide-releasing molecules (CORMs). These CORMs are based on the work of Werner Haas (formerly of Hoffman-la Roche) and Carlos Romão (professor at ITQB, Nova University Lisbon), and delivers CO in controlled doses to various organs and tissues, with favorable safety and efficacy profiles.